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Missing post — May 14, 2015

Missing post

I made a huge post about kefir, but I don’t know what happened to it…


Fairly frustrated this week. Walked into work on Monday morning straight into a Professinal Development meeting that I knew nothing about, which caused a panic attack and more work for me (I feel alright about it now though because it is helping me become a better teacher, well after the second meeting anyway).

Also just lost a netball match, and I was filling in as captain 😦

Gonna finish with some funny photos to end up. Might make me feel better lol



Online clothes shopping… — May 5, 2015

Online clothes shopping…

Oh my gods, as if life can get any more stressful!!

Our town race meet is in 3 weeks, and I’ve been kinda searching for a dress for a few days… well today I knuckled down! Postage takes aaaaages to get out here!!!

I looked at so many sites, and spoke to so many people. But it took like 4 hours!

Did I mention that after school today all staff had to do an eCourse about Students with Disability? That took 2 hours?? (So much for getting more planning done).

So maybe I was dress shopping at the same time, but this is important!!

Part of the issue is there are soooo many factors at play!

– it’s always cold, dress has to be able to convert, or have sleeves, or suit tights, or have an existing jacket go with it that doesnt hide the dress all day

– if it’s actually sunny, it can get quite hot (like 30°C) and you’ve gotta be ready for that

– it’s on dirt and gravel. So appropriate shoes need to be sourced. Preferably a square heel to keep you comfy all day (I hate changing my shoes half way through the day), or do i have existing shoes I can work with

– is the hubby dressing up, what’s he wearing

– what did I wear in previous years, how do I not do the same damn thing again

– and through all this, how to be comfy in my own skin. Especially as I’ve lost weight, I want that to be noticable lol!

To top it off, a local girl has started her own millinery business, and I want her to make me a one, so I was trying to consult with her through it all. And she has 2 kids and internet as bad as mine!

Eventually I found an amazing site, full of the greatest dresses ever… They are just darling. All 50s style  and funky fabrics and allll so good.

Add some style advice: go for a simple dress, pick a colour to accessorise, and go nuts.

And it still took me 4 hours…

Well here are the pieces I have so far: (crossing fingers for my first addition of media to a post…)


Simple, classy black dress…


Button detail on dress…



I’m fairly excited 🙂 my hat-thingy-fascinator-whatever-it-is-im-getting-made is gonna be green and black, so its up to me to source green earrings and handbag, and possibly shoes.

Getting keen now!!!

Of course I’m definitely not prepared for my grandparents visit tomorrow….

But I have the makings of an outfit!!!

Lets just hope and pray and cross our fingers that it all arrives in time…

^^^the stress of online shopping…

UPDATE: I found shoes! Joined the Millinery and Racewear Australia Facebook Group, made a WTB post and got them in under 30 minutes! WINNING! 😀

Meal Prep — May 4, 2015

Meal Prep

Just a quick post to keep me in the game…

It’s been hectic. I spoke about work-life balance and how it just wasn’t happening last week… Well I had a lovely weekend back home, but it’s still not quite there yet.

I got back this morning at about 9.05. I had to be at work at 10, but I’ve been a bit gross from the food I’ve been eating, bloated and gassy etc. I knew I needed to get back on my eating plan.

Somehow this morning, I managed to prep 5 days of meal 2, 3 and 4’s, in under an hour.

It’s actually quite a bit less than an hour. I got here, unpacked my bags, changed my shirt, checked the turtle, then ummed and aahed about prep before SMASHING it.

Going to be so much easier to eat healthy and feel good this week.

You may be wondering what I mean by this meal prep.  It’s not the standard meal prep from other homemaker-y blogs.

This is more from the fitness and bodybuilder industry.

You see as part of my recent Sarah Davis 12 Week Custom Challenge I recieved an eating plan from Dayni Baker at Finesse Nutrition. I was off it all last week, and my body is telling me about it.

The basic philosophy is that you spend a few hours on the weekend making all your meals for the week.  Then all you have to do is eat (and possibly reheat).

I prep meal 2, 3 and 4 (aka morning tea  lunch and afternoon tea). They look something like this:

Meal 2: 130g natural yoghurt and an apple

Meal 3: 90g lemon pepper flavoured tofu, 80g brown rice and quinoa mix and a laaaarge salad with a table spoon each balsamic and olive oil

Meal 4: 50g skinny hommus, carrot sticks and 20g brazil nuts.

My eating plan is specially tailored to me and my goals. It is full of amazing options, but these 3 are my favourites. I can eat them every day for a month.

Mostly I’m just writing because I’m so impressed I smashed prep in about 35-40 min. The rest of my week has been made much easier!

Finding a Balance — April 29, 2015

Finding a Balance

You always hear about how important it is to have a good work life balance, to not let your work take over your life…

But what if your balance tips the other way?

What if you’re so busy with your life that work falls by the wayside?

Finding the balance is sooo hard. I tend to be really good at keeping life and work seperate. I never bring work home (which is impressive for a teacher!). I just find I cannot work at home. If I have lots to do, I stay at work until its done.

Last term though, I was so excited about my Sarah Davis Online Personal Trainer 12 Week Challenge that work took a back seat completely.

It was the worst possible time. Start of a new year… but I was so focused on myself… In the end, I didn’t get any of my planning documents done, and at the end of term I realised I had winged the whole thing. Sure I did weekly plans  (a requirement at our school) and those managed to see me through, but I was making it up, week by week, and at one point I got quite severely caught out. My goals for the kids weren’t clear and I was stressed.

But I was focussing on me, on my health. I took it so seriously. Strict eating plan, and hardcore exercise plan. I LOVED it. All of it. But the balance just wasnt there.

This term I’m doing it differently. My challenge has finished, and I’m taking a fair step back. I’ve been staying at work late each night, getting planning and organising done,  when I used to clock out between 4 and 5 and head straight for the gym. But I’ve realised that I’ll do myself no favours doing that (especially with report writing coming up!).

My plan is to spend this week (but looks like it’s going to smother next week too 😦 ) getting it all done, then I can put all the main effort and energy back into me. I won’t have to worry about work, because the big important bit is done. It should just be referring back to it.

Finding the time for yourself is so important though, whether you lift weights or read a book… But soon my evenings will be my own for smashing the gym again! And I can’t wait!!

Happy balancing! Xxxx

Where it all begins… — April 26, 2015

Where it all begins…

Sooo, this is what a WordPress looks like huh… I’ve been motivated to start this blog as a way to guide my focus. I recently came across my first ‘homemaking’ blog (Kayse Pratt). I was a bit inspired! I went a-googling… It went a bit like this:

How to have a clean home! Oh yeah! Stay on top of laundry! Yeah I need that… Raise good kids! Well I do want the babies… Ooo look essential oils! I’ve always wanted to know more about them! Faith! … Wait, what? Are all these people Christian?! Proverbs 31 woman eh… hmmm this isn’t me… but their faith and “how to include God in your everyday life” kinda makes sense…

Cos you see now, as you may have noticed from the title, I’m not exactly Christian… Don’t get me wrong, Jesus was a great guy, I’m just not a fan of his dad… But I do believe in something (ever evolving, of course, I’m pagan! :P), and I *am* inspired by the way these women keep their faith and beliefs in their lives. Definitely something I can learn from!

So I went and got this thing called the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle… and now I’m obsessed. So here is a blog!

I have yet to learn images, or html, or links. I may edit this post later to make fixies. But now I need to sleep. I got a bit excited about the blog thing, and tomorrows the first day back at school. So good night I guess! 🙂

PS. This is staying because it’s a link thing! And until I learn to do it, this is my frame of reference! start a new post.