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I was checking the news on my phone and watering my plants on the balcony when I read about the shooting in Orlando Sunday morning.  I had to tell the Hubby since he usually avoids the news on the weekend, and then we had to figure out how to tell the kids in a way that they might understand.

In a way, it’s a bit abstract–we are a middle class, straight-looking, cis-gendered, privileged  white family (mom, dad, son, daughter, dog, and three cats).  We don’t know anyone in Orlando, though we live just a few hours away since moving.  We have gay friends and we donate money to the HRC every year, but otherwise, we are fairly lazy occasional protesters/supporters (depending on the event) of LGBT issues.

But for 49 families (whether they are families by blood or by love), this is is not abstract. This is nothing short of heartbreaking.

And as…

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