I said I lost this post… I just found it – AS A PAGE! So copy pasted and sorted out.

And yes, we still kefir daily!


Hubby has been wanting to make sauerkraut ever since we were in Europe (and even before). Then he piped up one day saying he wanted to use kefir to start his fermenting process.

Now I had heard of kefir, a colleague at work does it, and so followed the process of googling…

Anyway we made kefir! Looky looky!


Kefir grains


New batch just put on


Kefir second fermenting with lemon


Kefir ready to drink!

Pretty much we put some milk in the Kefir grains we got from a friend and left it on the bench. We actually left this batch (our first) for like 2 days… It was surprisingly carbonated and almost alcoholic! Otherwise it tasted like thin yoghurt. I poured the kefir milk into a new jar and added the lemon peel. Hubby will drink this tomorrow morning and let me know how it goes! And of course I left a little bit out to try.

Hubby goes south for work for a week tomorrow, so I’ve bought the kefir back north with me. My plan at the moment is to ferment the milk I added this morning, and tomorrow start a second batch, and the first one second fermenting in some lemon peel. Then from Tuesday I should have delicious lemony kefir to drink in the morning!

Also today I pulled my first radishes from the garden, check them out! šŸ˜€