Something I would like to do, sit down and research the answers to all these questions… one day!

bay witch musings

Everywhere we go, the elements of life, of magic, are present.  Long before we had microscopes and models of the atom, the ancients of many cultures distilled the world down to what they felt were its most essential components.  For the (pre-Aristotle) Greeks, this was Air, Earth, Water, and Fire (Aristotle added aether, or spirit).   While we now know that the elements aren’t scientifically accurate constructs, they are still enormously useful tools for separating out the different aspects of ourselves and our environment.  This is particularly true when it comes to learning more about our bioregion.

How much do you really know about where you live?

Getting to know Water: What watershed do you live in? How much area does it cover? Where does your watershed start? Where does it end? How much precipitation do you get where you live? What time of year gets the most precipitation? What wildlife lives in…

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