I’ve officially signed up for a 6 week challenge with Sarah Davis and this week is prep week!

I did the 12 week last time, which is a completely custom program and it was AMAZING. But I struggled to stick to it as well as I wanted to in the final 6 weeks (fell of the wagon twice :?). First 6 weeks were amazing. I managed nearly all my weight, cm and body fat loss in the first 6 week, second 6 not so much.

So this time I’m doing a 6 week. I know what I’m capable of in this time period so smashing time!!

It’s not a custom program this time, but I already have 3 other programs that are custom i can supplement with if I’m not happy lol.

So this week is prep week, the week to sort out your eating plan… but I’m keeping my old one  (didn’t go for the rediet, will need one once I’m pregnant anyway).

So I went to the gym today… see if i cant turn 6 weeks into 7!

And shiiiiit.

I’m in agony. Not only was that harder work than I expected, but I’ve lost so much strength! 10kg off my bench press 😦

Definitely need to get back into it. And not get out of it again!!!!