Oh my gods, as if life can get any more stressful!!

Our town race meet is in 3 weeks, and I’ve been kinda searching for a dress for a few days… well today I knuckled down! Postage takes aaaaages to get out here!!!

I looked at so many sites, and spoke to so many people. But it took like 4 hours!

Did I mention that after school today all staff had to do an eCourse about Students with Disability? That took 2 hours?? (So much for getting more planning done).

So maybe I was dress shopping at the same time, but this is important!!

Part of the issue is there are soooo many factors at play!

– it’s always cold, dress has to be able to convert, or have sleeves, or suit tights, or have an existing jacket go with it that doesnt hide the dress all day

– if it’s actually sunny, it can get quite hot (like 30°C) and you’ve gotta be ready for that

– it’s on dirt and gravel. So appropriate shoes need to be sourced. Preferably a square heel to keep you comfy all day (I hate changing my shoes half way through the day), or do i have existing shoes I can work with

– is the hubby dressing up, what’s he wearing

– what did I wear in previous years, how do I not do the same damn thing again

– and through all this, how to be comfy in my own skin. Especially as I’ve lost weight, I want that to be noticable lol!

To top it off, a local girl has started her own millinery business, and I want her to make me a one, so I was trying to consult with her through it all. And she has 2 kids and internet as bad as mine!

Eventually I found an amazing site, full of the greatest dresses ever… lindybop.co.uk. They are just darling. All 50s style  and funky fabrics and allll so good.

Add some style advice: go for a simple dress, pick a colour to accessorise, and go nuts.

And it still took me 4 hours…

Well here are the pieces I have so far: (crossing fingers for my first addition of media to a post…)


Simple, classy black dress…


Button detail on dress…



I’m fairly excited 🙂 my hat-thingy-fascinator-whatever-it-is-im-getting-made is gonna be green and black, so its up to me to source green earrings and handbag, and possibly shoes.

Getting keen now!!!

Of course I’m definitely not prepared for my grandparents visit tomorrow….

But I have the makings of an outfit!!!

Lets just hope and pray and cross our fingers that it all arrives in time…

^^^the stress of online shopping…

UPDATE: I found shoes! Joined the Millinery and Racewear Australia Facebook Group, made a WTB post and got them in under 30 minutes! WINNING! 😀