You always hear about how important it is to have a good work life balance, to not let your work take over your life…

But what if your balance tips the other way?

What if you’re so busy with your life that work falls by the wayside?

Finding the balance is sooo hard. I tend to be really good at keeping life and work seperate. I never bring work home (which is impressive for a teacher!). I just find I cannot work at home. If I have lots to do, I stay at work until its done.

Last term though, I was so excited about my Sarah Davis Online Personal Trainer 12 Week Challenge that work took a back seat completely.

It was the worst possible time. Start of a new year… but I was so focused on myself… In the end, I didn’t get any of my planning documents done, and at the end of term I realised I had winged the whole thing. Sure I did weekly plans  (a requirement at our school) and those managed to see me through, but I was making it up, week by week, and at one point I got quite severely caught out. My goals for the kids weren’t clear and I was stressed.

But I was focussing on me, on my health. I took it so seriously. Strict eating plan, and hardcore exercise plan. I LOVED it. All of it. But the balance just wasnt there.

This term I’m doing it differently. My challenge has finished, and I’m taking a fair step back. I’ve been staying at work late each night, getting planning and organising done,  when I used to clock out between 4 and 5 and head straight for the gym. But I’ve realised that I’ll do myself no favours doing that (especially with report writing coming up!).

My plan is to spend this week (but looks like it’s going to smother next week too 😦 ) getting it all done, then I can put all the main effort and energy back into me. I won’t have to worry about work, because the big important bit is done. It should just be referring back to it.

Finding the time for yourself is so important though, whether you lift weights or read a book… But soon my evenings will be my own for smashing the gym again! And I can’t wait!!

Happy balancing! Xxxx