Sooo, this is what a WordPress looks like huh… I’ve been motivated to start this blog as a way to guide my focus. I recently came across my first ‘homemaking’ blog (Kayse Pratt). I was a bit inspired! I went a-googling… It went a bit like this:

How to have a clean home! Oh yeah! Stay on top of laundry! Yeah I need that… Raise good kids! Well I do want the babies… Ooo look essential oils! I’ve always wanted to know more about them! Faith! … Wait, what? Are all these people Christian?! Proverbs 31 woman eh… hmmm this isn’t me… but their faith and “how to include God in your everyday life” kinda makes sense…

Cos you see now, as you may have noticed from the title, I’m not exactly Christian… Don’t get me wrong, Jesus was a great guy, I’m just not a fan of his dad… But I do believe in something (ever evolving, of course, I’m pagan! :P), and I *am* inspired by the way these women keep their faith and beliefs in their lives. Definitely something I can learn from!

So I went and got this thing called the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle… and now I’m obsessed. So here is a blog!

I have yet to learn images, or html, or links. I may edit this post later to make fixies. But now I need to sleep. I got a bit excited about the blog thing, and tomorrows the first day back at school. So good night I guess! 🙂

PS. This is staying because it’s a link thing! And until I learn to do it, this is my frame of reference! start a new post.